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June 29, 2014

Freemasonry: The Witchcraft Connection

William Schnoebelen was deeply involved in both Witchcraft as a Wiccan high priest and the Masonic order for many years. He was a Mason for nine years and a Witch for sixteen years. In the Lodge, he held offices of Junior Warden in the Blue Lodge, Prelate in the Commandery of the York Rite, Master of the Veil in the Royal Arch degree, and Associate Patron in the Order of the Eastern Star. Additionally, he was a 32° Mason and a Shriner.  He is now a Born Again Christian and the author of 5 books, including
Masonry: Beyond the Light.
"For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry…" —1st Samuel 15:23
In understanding the spiritual difficulties of a Born Again Christian being a Mason, it is necessary to realize that there are highly occult elements woven into the very warp and woof of Freemasonry. Thus, the Lodge is not just “another religion” like the Muslims or the Buddhists—although that alone should be enough to keep Christians from involving themselves in it. The nature and character of the Lodge’s deepest theological underpinnings are rooted in Witchcraft and Paganism.


IS A PLANNED INFLUENCE THAT AFFECTS OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM (GOALS 2000) OUR WORK PLACES AND THE WAY WE DO BUSINESS. It is to make global citizens through our educational systems so we can work together as international citizens in a one world.
They know by influencing our children we will then experience a paradigm shift for the next generation. Our society will change from the grass roots level on up.
“We need a new way of governing the whole planet. The problems we face today are bigger than any single country.” (Children’s Task Force on Agenda 21,Rescue Mission Planet Earth: A Youth Edition of Agenda 21, Peace Child Charitable Trust, p.81,1994 )
Working to change the way we view and treat sicknesses and diseases. To change traditional medicine to alternate means. To treat the mind the Spirit and emotions beside the body (WHOLENESS).
The concept is to give people a choice of healing naturally instead of organized modern medicine with its drugs. By healing the spirit or aligning it, they believe we can achieve perfect health. What you don’t know can be harmful because their treatments have spiritual practices contrary to Christianity. It leads one into a spiritual worldview that believes death is only a transition and that the dead can contact us.

May 11, 2014

I Have a Dream

Just like Martin Luther King, Jr, a great American, in whose shadow I stand today. His momentous words came as a great beacon of light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity. 

His voice of peace and prosperity inspired people to believe in the human spirit. Forty-nine years later his voice inspired me to recreate his dream into my dream. One thousand years later, the human is still not free. One thousand years later, the life of the human is still sadly crippled by the manacles of religion and the chains of diversity. One thousand years later, most humans live on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. 

Martin Luther King Jr Day

The Great Architect of the Universe G.A.O.T.U.

"He shall honour the God of forces: a god whom his fathers knew not"… he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws Dan:7:25;11:38

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The Freemasonry Organization refers to God as ” Great Architect Of The Universe ” or the G.A.O.T.U. This particular idea about God has been around long before the Freemasons formally chose to call him that. But the question is: What exactly does it mean when the call God ” The Great Architect “? We need then to read some of their Masonic literature to find out!

In Masonry, the “Great Architect Of The Universe “, who is the Masonic God has some of the attributes of the God of the Bible, such as infinity, eternity, and omnipotence. However, the Masonic God does not have any qualities such as mercy, love, and benevolence. “Coils Masonic Encyclopedia”, Henry Coils, page 516, 517 says: "Men have decided whether they want a God like the ancient Hebrew Yahweh, a partisan tribal God, with whom they can talk and argue and from whom they can hide if necessary, or a boundless, eternal, universal undenominational, and international, divine spirit, so vastly removed from the speck called man, that he cannot be known, named, or approached. So soon as man begins to laud his God and endow him with the most perfect human attributes such as justice, mercy, beneficence, etc., the Divine Essence is depreciated and despoiled. The Masonic test (for admission) is a Supreme Being, and any qualification added is an innovation and distortion."

Here the Biblical God is being rejected as an inferior concept of God, while the universal God of Masonry is extolled. Masonry teaches also that God is unapproachable, but the Bible tells of God as being able to be approached by man, through Jesus Christ. The Masonic God is said to be “incapable of anger”, pg. 718, Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike. But the Bible tells us that God is angry at sin and also loving and merciful to those who repent.

This “Great Architect Of The Universe ” that the Freemasons worship is just like the “Universal It” or “Force” that the New Age Religion believes in. That is because the New Age Movement is just one of the many vehicles through which Satan works to bring in his evil pantheistic ideas to the people, and he is enjoying great success!


Now let me prove to you that the God of Freemasonry is the pantheistic God of Nature. Former Mason Edmond Ronayne stated: “Freemasonry ‘carefully excludes’ the Lord Jesus Christ from the lodge and chapter, repudiates His mediatorship, rejects his atonement, denies and disowns His gospel, frowns upon his religion and his church, ignores the Holy Spirit, and sets up for itself a spiritual empire, a religious theocracy, at the head of which it places the G.A.O.T.U. -the god of nature- and from which the only living true God is expelled by resolution.” Former Mason- Edmond Ronayne, The Master’s Carpet or Masonry and Baal-Worship-Identical, pg. 87

Masonic writer, J.S.M. Ward tells us: "THE UNKNOWN PANTHEISTIC DEITY HINTED AT IN MASONRY is a matter of vital importance, both to those who desire to know what Freemasonry teaches, and also to those who hope by means of hints in our present ritual to rediscover something of our past history. It (the Masonic Supreme Being) IS DISTINCTLY PANTHEISTIC rather than Monotheistic." Ward, Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods, pg. 44, 46, 61 One Masonic writer (Order of the Eastern Star for Women) explains about their Masonic Pantheistic God: "(God)… That invisible power which all know does exist, but understood by many different names, such as God, Spirit, Supreme Being, Intelligence, Mind, Energy, Nature and so forth." Mary Ann Slipper, The Symbolism of the Eastern Star, Page 35, 36

Wagner, Freemasonry: an Interpretation, pg. 286, 309, 310: "In its doctrines concerning the divine eminence Freemasonry is dedicated pantheistic, partaking of the various shades of that view of the divine God ‘The Great Architect Of The Universe ’ is the great soul of the universe and the universe is the garment in which he is clothed. The Masonic view of the revelation of God, in the lower degrees is deistic, but in the higher degrees it becomes pantheistic. The writings of Garrison, Buck Pike, and other eminent Masons show this unmistakably. It is this particular pantheistic conception of deity, which has passed from India through the secret doctrines of the Cabala into modern speculative Freemasonry. In Masonry, a god distinct from the life of nature has no existence."


This is from an authorized Masonic publication, concerning the secret meaning of the Great Architect Of The Universe (the G.A.O.T.U.) From The Masters Carpet, by Edmond Ronayne, Past Grand Master of Lodge 639 in Chicago, pages 301, 302: "The Lodge room then is brought us a symbol of the universe, governed by the Sun God, and it’s cubicle form expressed in the language of the ritual is made to represent the united power of light and darkness, and the constant conflict which is supposed to be always going on between them. In other words the lodge room is the real heaven (in miniature), where the god of nature G.A.O.T.U. always presides, where his symbol is always displayed, where his worship is always practiced." Quoted from Masonic Report, McQuaig pg. 15

As we can see here, the Masonic Lodge is meant to represent the Universe, which is the home of their pantheistic Sun God. The black and white tiles on the floor of the lodge are meant to represent the “God of forces” in the form of dark and light squares or positive and negative (male and female) forces of the Universe! We have to realize that this is the very same pantheistic “god of forces” that is worshipped by those in the New Age Movement!

According to the high ranking 33rd Degree Mason, Manly P. Hall: "The temple of Egyptian mysticism were… according to their own priests miniature representations of the universe. The solar system was always regarded as a great temple of initiation." Secret Teachings of All Ages, Hall, pg. CXXXIII

Because the God of the Freemasons is the Sun God all devotions in their Lodges are made facing East! The Masonic ritual proclaims that: "as the sun rises in the east, to open and govern the day, so rises the Worshipful Master in the east, to open and govern his Lodge, set the craft to work and give them proper instruction." Malcolm Duncan, Duncan’s Masonic Ritual Monitor, pg.15

In Ezekiel 8:16, Ezekiel tells us about God showing him what was really going on, in the temple at Jerusalem: "And he brought me into the inner court of the Lord’s house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the Lord, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the Lord, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east." When the Prophet Ezekiel is taken further the Lord also shows him the women weeping for Tammuz the Sun God!


The altar arrangement for the Masonic Holy Royal Arch degree ceremony identifies the name JAH-BUL-ON as the secret name of The Great Architect Of The Universe, who is the deity worshiped by the Freemasons.

Although Masons publicly refer to their God as The Great Architect Of The Universe or the G.A.O.T.U., they have a secret “Name” for this Deity, that of which is revealed in the Masons Royal Arch Degree, once they have climbed up higher in the Degrees of Masonry. Prior to reaching the Royal Arch degree, the Mason has been told that the real name of God has been lost.

In a book called “Secret Societies for all Ages- and countries ” by Charles Heckethorn, we are told all about revealing of the Mason’s true secret name of God in the Royal Arch Degree. The Author starts by telling us on pages 30, 31 of his book, that there are nine officers in the Royal Arch, The Chief of whom (in England) is Zerub-babel, the compound word meaning “the bright lord, the sun.” Then he goes on to tell that, upon entering this chapter of the Royal Arch Degree of Masonry, that the nine officers give a performance where they have a show of sorrow in imitation of the ancients (pagans) who were mourning the loss of Osiris (the Egyptian God figure).

The candidates for initiation then have to go through mock “trials and tribulations”, just as the candidates for initiation into the ancient Mystery Religion had go through, says Author Charles Heckethorn. These ancient Mystery Religion initiations are imitated during the Royal Arch Degree.

Then the candidates for initiation into the Royal Arch Degree of Masonry take an oath, declaring that they have come to assist in the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple. (I’ll explain what that means later). They then do some “mock” building of the Temple, using shovels and crowbars. Then they supposedly find 3 vaults. By this time, “The Sun has gained his meridian height, darts his rays to the center and shines on a white marble pedestal, on which is a plate of gold.” On this plate of gold is a double triangle, and within this triangle, the initiate’s find some words which they cannot understand the meaning of. And so, they take the gold plate over to Zerub-babel (the Sun God), to try to get from him an explanation of what these mysterious words mean that they have found. -Now these words together, constitute the “lost word” of Masonry- or the Secret name of God, and so, pay attention to what they mean!

Author Charles Heckethorn then goes on to say that when the initiates take this gold plate with the mysterious words on them-to Zerub-babel, the Sun God: ‘There the whole mystery of Masonry- as far as known to Masons- is unveiled; what the Masons had long been in search of is found, for the mysterious writing in a triangular form is the long lost sacred word of the Master Mason, which Solomon and Hiram deposited there…this word JAHBULON (equals) Jah - Bul - On, the Hebrew, Assyrian, and Egyptian names of the Sun…”

And of course, then- the impression is given that the Christian and Hebrew God, Jehovah- is the same essentially- as the God of the Assyrians and the Egyptians. Jah, Bul and On appear in the American ritual of the Royal Arch degree on the supposition that Jah was the Syrian name of God. Bel the Chaldean. and On, the Egyptian (Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia)

You see, at first, when one starts up the ladder of degrees of Freemasonry, he is made aware that you may worship any God and still be a Mason. This is made to seem as if they are very “liberal” and don’t want to offend anyone by excluding anybody’s idea of who God is. But, then when you reach on into the higher degrees of Masonry, they in effect let you find out the “Royal Secret” that the God of the Christians is the same God as was worshipped by the Babylonians, Egyptians, and any other Pagan Religion! They make it seem very alluring and mysterious, having you think that some great “wisdom” is just around the corner, if you follow on further into the degrees of Masonry. This so-called “secret wisdom” is merely the idea that all Gods are really just variations of the “One” God, The Sun God!

The officers of the Royal Arch Degree all put on a show, “mourning for the loss of Osiris”. Does not this coincide with the “weeping for Tammuz “routine? Nimrod, the Babylonian version of the Sun God (Osiris is merely the Egyptian version of the same). Nimrod supposedly died and went on up into the Sun, to thereafter send rays of blessing back down upon the people of Babylon who worshipped him. And supposedly, Nimrod and Semiramis had a son by the name of Tammuz, who was a reincarnation of Nimrod, the Sun God. Tammuz was killed because he was trying to promote the idea of Sun Worship to a certain King. This is why, in the Mystery Religion Ceremonies, which the Masons imitate- they “mourned for Tammuz” or mourned for Nimrod -whom Tammuz was a reincarnation of. And you see- the whole idea is that Tammuz was the “coming back” of Nimrod, which was proof to them of, guess what? of Immortality of the Soul! This was their guarantee that they too could be immortal “gods”.

This is why, during the Mason’s Royal Arch “mystery”, they all weep and mourn for the seeming loss of Osiris (Nimrod) the “God”. But then, according to Author Charles Heckethorn, the Sun begins to gain its meridian height and shines on the gold plate. This is symbolic, of course, of when Nimrod, after he died and went up to the Sun, seemed to go down into the ocean at night and “die” again. But then in the morning, the Sun would rise up again, as a guarantee that the Sun God was still alive, which was a guarantee of immortality of the Soul. During this Royal Arch Mystery- the Sun would shine on the plate and show the initiates that the “Lost word” or Osiris, or Nimrod, the Sun God was still around. They had found it! The lost word: JAH - BUL - ON is merely 3 different ways to say the name of their Sun God!


May 4, 2014

History and Purpose of the Freemasons and other Secret Societies

If you patiently read the following paragraphs of historical explanation, you may come to an understanding of “the hidden mysteries of nature and science”. Then we can discuss Freemasonry, and you will see truths your Worshipful Master has never contemplated.

From the Garden of Eden a battle has raged between two deadly enemies. The battle began when Lucifer incarnate the serpent, a man-like creature - great giant of a fellow, until God changed every bone in his body and put him upon his belly. Lucifer being God’s right-hand man, knew that God’s Plan was to build a kingdom. Knowing it would be inherited by Michael, (or Christ), he became jealous and set about gaining it for himself.

God commanded man to multiply, fill and subdue the earth, and to have dominion over it. But by his wisdom, Lucifer knew that as the seed of a horse can fertilize a donkey to produce the hybrid mule God never created, so the seed of the serpent could fertilize the woman and create a hybrid species uncreated by God. And whenever the offspring of Eve by the serpent intermingled with the seed of Adam, the progeny would always be serpent’s seed, and NOT on the Book of Life. So he incarnate the serpent and seduced Eve.

From that time to this there have been two races of people on this earth. The seed of Cain, and the seed of Adam. Cain was begotten of that wicked one (I John 3:12). Abel was the son of Adam who was the (only) son of God (Luke 3:38). God placed enmity, that’s “hatred,” between us. Lucifer knew that by miscegenation, he could exterminate the seed of Adam and thus fall heir to the kingdom of Christ.

In the time of Noah, God destroyed the world with the Flood because of miscegenation between the races of Adam and Cain. The serpent seed was in the Ark and it is with us to this day. It populated the land of Canaan, and afterwards spread throughout the world (Genesis 10:18).

Secret Societies

Unfortunately for the people of the world everything is going according to the New World Order Plan. But what is this New World Order Plan? In a nutshell the Plan is this. The Dark Agenda of the secret planners of the New World Order is to reduce the world’s population to a “sustainable” level “in perpetual balance with nature” by a ruthless Population Control Agenda via Population and Reproduction Control. A Mass Culling of the People via Planned Parenthood, toxic adulteration of water and food supplies, release of weaponised man-made viruses, man-made pandemics, mass vaccination campaigns and a planned Third World War. Then, the Dark Agenda will impose upon the drastically reduced world population a global feudal-fascist state with a World Government, World Religion, World Army, World Central Bank, World Currency and a micro-chipped population. In short, to kill 90% of the world’s population and to control all aspects of the human condition and thus rule everyone, everywhere from the cradle to the grave.

How the Jewish People were Invented

"Eretz-Israel [Palestine] was the birthplace of the Jewish people. Here their spiritual, religious and political identity was shaped. Here they first attained to statehood, created cultural values of national and universal significance and gave to the world the eternal Book of Books. After being forcibly exiled from their land, the people kept faith with it throughout their Dispersion and never ceased to pray and hope for their return to it and for the restoration in it of their political freedom. Impelled by this historic and traditional attachment, Jews strove in every successive generation to re-establish themselves in their ancient homeland. In recent decades they returned in their masses … After being forcibly exiled from their land, the people remained faithful to it throughout their Dispersion and never ceased to pray and hope for their return to it and for the restoration in it of their political freedom" Part of the Declaration of Establishment of State of Israel made on May 14, 1948: the day on which the British Mandate over a Palestine expired, and the Jewish People’s Council gathered at the Tel Aviv Museum, and approved the “Israeli Declaration of Independence,” declaring the establishment of the Zionist State of Israel.

Dahia al-Kahina (L’Kahna) was a dark skinned female leader of the Jerawa tribe ofBerbers in the Aures Mountains in the region that today is Mauritania. She was a warrior-queen who, in AD 696, united a number of Berber tribes and pushed back the Muslim army that had swept across North Africa. She was also a proud Jewess. For, al-Kahina was the daughter of a Berber tribe that had converted to Judaism around the 6th century AD. In other words, this queen’s tribe and other local tribes that converted to Judaism are the main sources from which Spanish Jewrysprang. In short: the North African Jews for the most part were descendants of pagans who converted to Judaism (Pharisaism). Thus, the bulk of the Jews of North Africa originated in the indigenous tribes that converted to Judaism andbecame Jewish - and not in communities exiled from Judaea. Thus, for instance, that many of the present day Sephardic Jews from North Africa carry Berber surnames is testament to this fact.

In fact, there are ”Negro Jews” in many parts of Africa such as the Falasha of Ethiopia and the Lemba of South Africa. The Jews of Yemen are remnants of the Himyar Kingdom in the Arab Peninsula, who converted to Judaism (Pharisaism) in the fourth century AD. The most fruitful conversion, in regards to the ambitions of the Synagogue of Satan, was the Turkic peoples who became the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe. These were refugees from the decaying Kingdom of the Khazars that converted in the eighth century AD. In other words, the vast majority of East European Jews were Khazars that converted to Judaism and became Jewish - and notcommunities exiled from Judaea who had ”wandered” into the area.

These are, of course, Inconvenient Truths to the modern Jewish myth-makers since they fly in the face of the Zionist Myth and fatally undermine the carefully crafted Zionist historiography. They are Inconvenient Truths proving that the Jewish people as imagined by the Zionist Myth-makers and accepted by lazy, venal intellectuals never existed as a ”nation-race” with acommon origin. Inconvenient Truths that, rather, describe the Modern Tribe of Jews as a colourful mix of groups that at various stages in history adopted Pharisaism; Inconvenient Truths, whichdescribe how a miscellany of peoples in various locations at various times adopted the Jewish religion, the religion of the Pharisees.

Hence, the Inconvenient Truth ofthe dark skinned Berber-JewessDahia al-Kahina, the ”Berber Deborah” (after Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, who judged ancient Israel (Judges 4:4)). So inconvenient that the modern authors of the Encyclopedia Judaica are compelled to pour scorn on her memory. Who rubbish the notion that although the title ”Kahina” meant ”Prophetess” the term is derived from the Arabic ”Kahin” (“soothsayer”) and not derived from the Jewish term ”Cohen” (v. 10, p. 686). Moreover, the Encyclopedia Judaica is adamant that the Kahina’s resistance to the Arabs was not due to her Berber patriotism and Jewish faith, rather: “her opposition to the Muslim Arabs was not religiously inspired; some authorities deny she was Jewish. The history of Kahina remains controversial.”

It is for good reason that the modern Zionist historiographers seek to rubbish the memory of such people. For, otherwise knowledge of them and their true origins would be fatal to their carefully crafted Myth … the Historical Myth of the Exile, the Wanderings and the Diaspora, which underpins and legitimises the entire Zionist Enterprise. Moreover, a Myth that is the basis for the existence of the Zionist State of Israel predicated upon the mythological historical ”right”to “ancestral lands” lost because of the spite of the Roman Empire in AD 135.

The corollary of this is that the Modern Tribe of Jews now in the Holy Land and other places in the world are not direct descendants of the ancient people who inhabited the Kingdom of Judeaduring the First and Second Temple period. Their origins are in varied peoples that converted to Judaism during the course of history, in different parts of the Mediterranean Basin and the adjacent regions.

Thus, the description of the Jews as a wandering and self-isolating nation of exiles who wandered the world, reaching its furthermost limits then, finally, with the advent of Zionism, made a U-turn and returned en masse to their orphaned homeland is a myth. However, it is not simply national mythology invented by overeager minds intent upon creating a heroic saga fit for an heroic people. It is far more serious than that. It is a cruel and cynical saga created for very Evil Ends. The Zionist Myth-makers were not simply engaged in self-aggrandisement or shallow self-justification. They were engaged in a meticulously plotted scheme that called forCounterfeit Jews taking possession of the Holy Land. In short, they were engaged in a wicked lie designed by the supreme intelligence of Evil for its own Dark Ends … the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government often called the New World Order … that is the Establishment of the Last Secular Global Kingdom on Earth … the Kingdom of Antichrist on Earth.

Just as National movements in 19th century Europe sought out a splendid Golden Age, through which they invented a heroic past to prove they have existed since the beginnings of history, so too did Jewish nationalists –mostly Ashkenazi Jews- seek for this imagined golden period. They, of course, found it in the legendaryl Kingdom of David.

The strong rise of a national spirit among ”the Jews” was soon forged into political form, a political movement to which the name Zionism was given. Zionism differs from previous manifestations of the “Jewish national spirit” in that it sought nationhood and identity without recourse to Messianic impulses. That is, to establish a nation via modern, political methods. This was the public declarations at least. In truth, the entire Zionist Enterprise is predicated upon religious impulses. The Secret Leaders of Zionism have always been energised by spiritual forces they think they understand. However, those who understand such things know that these spiritual forces energisingZionism are from the Dark Side and that they are using Zionism to bring about long planned events.

Zionists have always been conscious of a spiritual mission existing side by side with the national idea. They have been taught that their enterprise is the lineal heir of the ”mystic attachment to Zion”: an enigmatic attachment that led the Babylonian Exiles under Zerubbabel to return from the Babylonian Captivity and build the Second Temple in Jerusalem; a great, ancient national spirit that reared up to energise the heroic struggle of the Maccabees against Antiochus Epiphanes. Moreover, the Zionists are encouraged to believe that without this ancient national spirit, Zionismcould never have assumed its present formidable position and power. Indeed, nor would, or could,”the Jews” have reclaimed ”their ancient land,” the Promised Land, and ”restored” their national life in Judea.

Furthermore, Zionists are taught to decry the idea that the Zionist Enterprise is an anachronism. They are encouraged to excoriate anyone or any argument that suggests Zionism is somehow a setback of Jewish history. To condemn arguments that suggest Zionism is an unnatural galvanisation of Jewish hopes long since abandoned for a spiritual and cosmopolitan conception of the Mystical Mission of Israel. In this wise the Zionist Myth-makers spin a plausible yarn. A yarn that tells of the great bulk of the Jewish people, although separated by time and space, have throughout their history remained ever faithful to the dream of a ”restoration of their national life in Judaea.” Also, even though this ancient dream of returning in glory to the Promised Land has suffered temporary modifications due to changing political conditions, and the intensity with which it has been held varied according to social circumstances, generally, ”the Jews” clung passionately to the idea.

Unfortunately, for these Zionist Myth-makers and their invented Zionist historiography there are Inconvenient Truths proving that the Jewish people as imagined by them did not exist. Moreover, that their yarn, although plausible is just that, a yarn.

The truth of the matter is that certain Ashkenazi Jews invented a people retrospectively out of a great desire, a great imperative, to create a modern Jewish people with an impeccable pedigree. In other words, they invented the Modern Tribe of Jews with its Chosen Race Doctrine.

These myth-making Ashkenazi Jews drew inspiration from the nationalist movements of Europe but especially the influence of the folk character of German nationalism: The volkisher movement that would eventually spawn National Socialism, Nazism and Hitler.

Inspired by the musings of the Jew myth-maker Heinrich Graetz (1817-91), the foremost Jewish historian of modern times, other Jewish historians joined in the enterprise by carefully crafting an invented history of Judaism. That is, they mythicised the recent and ancient histories of the Jews. Thus, these 19th century Jewish intellectuals contrived a spurious history of a nation. They told a false story of a people that had once been in possession of an ancient, legendary kingdom, who became a wandering people across the globe, who had wearied of its journeying and had, ultimately, turned around and went back to its birthplace.

Consequently, it is correct to say that the Jewish people were invented. That modern Jewish nationalists, predominantly Zionists, invented the Jewish people; invented the Modern Tribe of Jews -the counterfeit Jews- with its accompanying invented history.

The Modern Tribe of Jews, the Counterfeit Jews,was an idea formed centuries ago by an ancient secret society that was made concrete by certain 19th century intellectuals of Jewish origin in Germany. That is, the Modern Tribe of Jews -the counterfeit Jews- are integral part ofthe evil machinations of the Synagogue of Satan:
"I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan … Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie" (Rev 3:9)

The millions of present day Jews are progeny of the millions of people of various ethnicities who converted to Pharisaism in the past two millennia. Consequently, the vast majority of present day Jews are not the direct descendants of the Israelites. In other words, the Modern Tribe of Jewsare not the lineal descendants of the Ancient Israelites and no Israelite blood flows through the veins of the vast majority of modern Jews. Hence, the reason why the Modern Tribe of Jews who claim the ancient Yahweh Covenants and who arein possession of the Holy Land because of this false claim are Counterfeit Jews.

The Zionist Conspiracy (that is integral to the Age Old Conspiracy for World Government) required that the people it supposedly represented seize possession of ancient Arab lands in Palestine and to make it appear not only legitimate and moral but also somehow an historical inevitability. It required making the immoral, illegal and false claims of Zionism and the Modern Tribe of Jews to the Holy Land appear not only legitimate but also divinely mandated.

This faux legitimacy could only be achieved by a grand exercise in myth-making; in other words, a fabricated modern myth of the ”Chosen People” returning to their ancient kingdom given to them by God. This is the Chosen-Race Doctrine, which is fundamental to Zionist historiography.

However, since this account is not true a great effort had, perforce, be made to conceal its glaring deficiencies. In short: the Jewish scheme to invent for itself a convenient history and lineage by distorting ancient history and a prodigious effort in modern writing of fiction. Hence, we see the phenomenon whereby Jewish intellectuals created modern historiographic materials in which theyinvented the idea of the Jewish people.

In this time of Great Deception when the Father of Lies and his myriad spawn have the world and its people ensnared in their web of lies and deceit, Speakers of Truth have become the tiny minority and marginalised to the fringes. The Great Deception has become so advanced that anyone who dares to tell the Truth is deemed eccentric if not criminal. That is, in today’s Corrupt Liberal Democracies, in which the Thought Tyranny called Political Correctness controls intellectual and public discourse, to tell Truths and profess ancientmoralities makes one aThought Criminal. In such madness that only Organised Evil could arrange, the Zionist Myth of the origins of the Jews is the orthodox view. Moreover, that the true account of the Modern Tribe of Jews (the one that identifies them as Counterfeit Jews)is not only the unorthodox view but also a heretical view that brings upon the advocate of Truth strong censure and terrible persecution.

But, gentle reader, Truth and Objective History stand far, far above and beyond the best and worst efforts of such people. They are immutable and incorruptible for they are Universal Truthsand are available to all those who have the requisite and proper intellectual tools. Thus, when honest intellectuals confront these fabricated, modern historiographic sources the distortions and contradictions soon make themselves known. When the fictional musings of these modern Jew myth-makers are ignored, and primary sources consulted, the ancient period is seen in a more clear, coherent and correct fashion.

No matter what these modern ”experts” say on the history of the Jewish people, no matter how artful their modern historiographic materials appear, or how scathing the criticism by ”historians”who specialise in these areas of those who disagree with their account, examination of the facts they describe reveals the shallowness of their efforts.

Especially vulnerable are the phenomena of the Diaspora and Conversion.

Inventing the Diaspora
”After being forcibly exiled from their land, the people remained faithful to it throughout their Dispersion and never ceased to pray and hope for their return to it and for the restoration in it of their political freedom” Preamble to the Declaration of Establishment of State of Israel made on May 14, 1948

One of the most important components of the modern Zionist Myth of the origins of the Jews is the Notion of Exile. Put differently, a central tenet of the Zionist Myth that underpins the Zionist Conspiracy is the Invention of the Diaspora. In fact, together with the arrogation of the Yahweh Covenant concerning the ”Chosen People” it represents the supreme justification for the entire Zionist Enterprise as well as the outrages of Organised Jewry.

Yet, the Truth of the matter is that the Jewish people’s exile from its posited ancient land never happened. Why? It is because none of the ancestors of the vast majority of the Modern Tribe of Jews ever set foot in Judaea. That is, the vast majority of the Modern Tribe of Jews cannot claim any of their ancestors had lived in Judaea. In short: today’s Jews are not the ”people of the Bible.”

The modern Zionist Myth required a supreme paradigm of Exilein order to construct a long-range memory in which an imagined and exiled nation-race was posited as the direct continuation of’the people of the Bible’ that preceded it.

The Myth of Exile (of the Jewish people expelled and dispersed to all corners of the Earth) is originally a Christian myth that depicted that event as divine punishment imposed on ”the Jews”for having rejected the Christian Gospel. Moreover,the concept of The Exile from a land gifted to them by God is a fundamental event in the mythos that is Jewish history: almost on par with the mythos of the Holocaust. Yet, when the historical record is perused it is with great astonishment to discover that such a significant event has no literature. And the reason for this is simple. There is no account of this phenomenon because it did not happen. No community or nations of people were exiled from Judaea. Why? Because the Romans did not have policy of exiling conquered peoples simply, if nothing else, due to the practicalities involved. That is, even if the Romans had wanted to rid Judaea of its troublesome tribes they did not have the wherewithal to deport entire populations. Such means and logistics (trucks and trains) only came about in the 20th century. Hence, the honest student of History must conclude from the total absence of written accounts and the practicalities of the time that Judaic society concretised as the Modern Tribe of Jews was not dispersed and was not exiled. And so, conclude that the central tenet of the Zionist Myth is itself amyth.

If the Romans did not exile the people from Judaea then the corollary is that the real descendants of the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Judah are those people who have farmed and lived this land for centuries i.e. the Palestinians. Why? Although a people rarely remain pure over a long period, over two thousands of years, for instance, it is a universal phenomenon that once an agrarian people are established on a land that supports them they tend to cling to that land to the last. In other words, farmers do not leave until they are expelled. Therefore, the chances that the Palestinians are descendants of the ancient Judaean people are much greater than the chances theModern Tribe of Jews are its descendants.

Even some of the first Zionists invaders of Palestine admitted to the truth of the situation, that there had been no exiling of ”the Jews,” and that the Palestinians they were intent upon ousting were descended from the ancient inhabitants of the land. These first Zionists invaders knew that farmers do not willingly leave the land that supports them and their families until they are expelled. Thus, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi (1884-1963) the second president of the Zionist State of Israel, writing in 1929:
”… the vast majority of the peasant farmers [the Palestinians] do not have their origins in the Arab conquerors, but rather, before then, in the Jewish farmers [the Judaeans] who were numerous and a majority in the building of the land.”

In other words, Ben-Zvi admits to the truth that the Palestinians were the ancient possessors of Palestine and their ancestors were most probably the Judaeans who had caused the Romans so much trouble. And Ben-Zvi should know since he was a major player in the systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestine of its indigenous people ordered by Zionist leaders to clear the way for the Zionist Jewish State. A Truth denied by the Zionists who blame the refugee problem on the war supposedly launched by Palestinians opposed to the U.N. partition plan adopted on Nov. 29, 1947, and by Arab states that invaded as soon as the British Mandate expired on May 15, 1948.

However, no matter how the Zionist historiographersfiddle with the facts, and sanitise their foul history, Objective History tells a different tale. It tells a true tale of the terrible events between December 1947 and December 1950 when over 530 Palestinian villages and towns were destroyed by Zionist Terrorists and murderers. It tells of the time when half of the Palestinian population was ethnically cleansed by Zionist Terror Gangs even before the unilateral declaration by Zionist Conspirators of the founding of their Zionist State of Israel. It tells of dark and terrible events the Palestinians call the ”Nakba” ("catastrophe").

Objective History tells of how the founding of the Zionist State of Israel by a very, very powerful force using every tactic of terror, of murder, assassination and intimidation, had succeeded in its goal. That it had established the Kingdom of the Jews on ”a land without people for a people without a land” but in doing so had created the largest refugee population in the world. Such that today, seven million of the ten million Palestinians are refugees or displaced people. Gentle reader, that such a thing can occur, with such expedition and the ”International Community” and the Mass Media remain largely silent on the matter shows the degree of power behind the Zionist Conspiracy. That a group of people, the Modern Tribe of Jews,can falsely claim another peoples’ land march into that land and systematically remove the people from their ancient land using terror and murder, and the Ruling Elite of the world condone it, shows that it is part of a larger agenda. And indeed it is. For, it is an integral part of the Ancient Agenda for World Government.

That is, the establishment of the Zionist State of Israel is integral to the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government often called the New World Order …That is, establishment of the the Zionist State of Israel is integral to the Establishment of the Last Secular Global Kingdom on Earth … That is, the creation of the Zionist State of Israel whereby: ”the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan … [people] which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie” … the Counterfeit Jews-are in possession of the Holy Land is integral to establishment of the Kingdom of Antichrist on Earth.

In the centuries surrounding Christ’s Mission on Earth there were millions of Jews (people practising Pharisaism) living in the Levant and along the Mediterranean littoral. These according to the modern Zionist Myth are the first appearance of theDiaspora and compelling evidence of The Exile. However, sinceThe Exile –in the sense of a Roman mass expulsion- did not happen, and the Diaspora is a myth, then, they must be evidence of another, true, phenomenon. And this is the Phenomenon of Conversion; that is, the event when entire tribes and nations suddenly convert to another religion. And, in this case, it is an apparent sudden conversion to Judaism. In other words: the Judaean people did not spread taking their religion with them, rather, the Jewish religion itself spread.

Early Judaism –more properly Pharisaism- was a converting religion and amongst its adherents at the time there was a great thirst to convert others. Especially active was the Hasmoneans orMaccabees, under the influence of Hellenism, who were the first to begin to produce large numbers of Jews through mass conversion.

Following the victory of Christianity in the fourth century (in the sense it became the preferred creed of emperors and the state religion of Rome) the momentum of conversion was stopped in the Roman Empire. In short, there was severe curtailment of Jewish proselytism and a steep decline in the number of Jews in the Christian world. Moreover, many of the millions of Jews who had appeared around the Mediterranean because of this Pharisaic proselytising (who had converted to Judaism from their ancient pagan religions) became Christians. Furthermore, since they were denied proselytes in Christendom the Pharisee missionaries looked to fertile ground elsewhere; and found it in the pagan hinterlands such as Yemen and North Africa. Thus, in a sense, if it were not for this search for converts to Judaism in pagan lands outside of Christendom the Religion of the Jews would have remained a completely marginal religion. In fact, it may not have survived at all!

Hence, the reason why Dahia al-Kahina, the 7th century dark skinned warrior-queen of the Berberswho pushed back the Muslim army that had swept across North Africa, was a Jewess whose ancestors had not set foot in the Holy Land. She was a Berber and a daughter of a tribe that had converted to Judaism (Pharisaism). However, in 701 AD she was defeated by a Muslim army, killed and her tribe subdued, which henceforward remained faithful to the Arabs. So much so that in AD 711 the supreme commander of the Muslims who conquered Spain, was a Berber, and most of his soldiers were Berbers. This Muslim warrior was Tariq ibn Ziyad, governor of Tangier, who landed in Spain with a Moorish army composed mainly of Berbers of the Ghomera tribe. The spot where he landed thereafter acquired the name of ”Jebel Tariq,” ”Mountain of Tariq,” afterwards corrupted into”Gibraltar.” Consequently, the bulk of the large Jewish communities that had appeared in Spain during the Islamisation of that country in the 8th century AD were simply kinsmen of the conquering Berber tribes, many of whom were Jews, who had settled in conquered lands.

Put differently, Dahia al-Kahina’s Jewish Berber kingdom had been defeated only 10 years earlier and although her surviving Ghomera tribesmen swore fealty to the conquering Arabs many kept their Pharisaic faith. Such that when the Moorish hoard swept into the Iberian peninsula taking the Religion of Allah with them, they also took the Religion of the Pharisee. Hence, the source of the large Jewish community in Spain was Berber soldiers and their families whose immediate ancestors had converted to Judaism. A truth commented upon by a number of Christian sources that are emphatic on the point that many of the conquerors of Spain were Jewish converts. In short, the main sources from which the bulk of Spanish Jewry sprang were the Jews of North Africa who were originally Berbers who had converted to Judaism. And, most definitely, they were not descendants of Judaeansexpelled by the Romans from their homeland called Judaea who had wandered along the Mediterranean shore.Moreover, the racial tensions within World Jewry can be discerned from the word the pale-skinnedAshkenazi use for the dusky skinned Sephardic Jews: ”kooshim,” the Hebrew for ”niggers.”

Demographic additions to the world’s Jewish population were severely curtailed by the establishment of Christendom and the advent of the Islamic Empire. However, a stunning and most fateful addition occurred in the 8th century AD. This, of course, was the conversion of the kingdom of Khazaria, the time when the kings of the Khazars adopted the Jewish religion and made Hebrew the written language of the kingdom. Khazaria is the land, and its people, the Khazars, which are the source of the Jewish communities in Eastern Europe i.e. the Ashkenazi Jews. Thus, Judaised Khazars were the ancestors of the majority of Jewish communities in Eastern Europe. Accordingly, none of their ancestors had ever set foot in the Holy Land.

Hence, the main source of Spanish Jewry or Sephardi Jews were the North African Berbers and the main source of East European Jews or Ashkenazi Jews were the Khazars; both peoples although separated by time and space had converted to Judaism (Pharisaism).

Indeed, to those who understand such things, the sudden conversion of the Khazars was an integral part of the meticulously plotted scheme orchestrated by the Synagogue of Satan to further its Ancient Ambition for World Empire. For, without this conversion the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government would not be in its final phase. Why? It is because although members of the Modern Tribe of Jews are not the originators or absolute leaders of the Luciferian Conspiracy there have been many Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews who have been, and are, major players in it.

Origin of Jiddish

Zionist historiography contends that at the beginning of the 20th century the origins of all the Jews in Eastern Europe and Russia derive from an earlier Jewish community in Germany. That is, a small number of Jews coming from Mainz and Worms migrating eastwards founded the Yiddish people of Eastern Europe: that the small pioneering colonies of German Jews were the begetters of the tremendous concentration of Jews in Eastern Europe. The assumption is based upon the fact that the language of these Ashkenazi Jews is Yiddish (Judaeo-German) the most widely spoken Jewish language. And, because it is infused with much German its origin was in Germany in the first centuries of the second millennium and hence the origin of its first speakers was Germany and not the Russian steppes.

Even ardent Zionists and Jewish myth-makers are forced to admit that the early history of Yiddish is a topic of uncertainty and controversy. That its origins are far from certain and even with judicious pruning it can not fully endorse the Zionist Myth of the Diaspora. However, what is certain is that Yiddish is a mongrel language. That it is a motley language combining elements from Germanic, Slavic, Hebrew, Aramaic and other languages.

The orthodox view -the one favoured and heavily promoted by Zionist historiographers-has it that Yiddish was born of eastward migrations. That the first speakers of the mongrel language called ”Yiddish” came from various locales, such as France, Germany, the Slavic lands, and the Mediterranean littoral. And it was the eastward migration of these Jews, moving into Germanic-speaking territories, who adopted aspects of Middle High German (Mittelhochdeutsch) into their dialect. That is, these eastwardly migrating Jews adopted elements of the German language forming at the time of Luther (12th-16th centuries); in fact, so much so, that Yiddish has sometimes been described as a dialect of German.

Most probably, the mass westward migrations of Khazar Jewsthat first gave rise to the cultural milieu out of which Yiddish arose occurred at the time of the Black Death: the great cycle of epidemics in the 14th century that killed nearly half the people of Western Europe and had severely disrupted traditional social organisation. A time of great travail that allowed easy migration of alien peoples into ancient tribal lands.

The accurate dating of the birth of Yiddish presents special problems. Although there were Jews (although not many) living in West Germanic-speaking areas in the first millennium following the Incarnation of Christ it does not necessarily follow that their language was a lineal ancestor of Yiddish. Similarly, there is no distinct point in time when the Jewish and non-Jewish varieties of a Middle High German dialect (Mittelhochdeutsch) had become sufficiently different to be considered separate languages. Moreover, there is no etymological connection between the German Jewish language of the Middle Ages and Yiddish.

The reason why these Khazar Jews adopted German words and assimilated them into their language was that they had to so that they could communicate with the rulers of the lands in which they chose to live. They needed to learn the language of the rulers and the mass of people otherwise they could not prosper in the land they chose to live. Moreover, the Eastern Jews who migrated westerly into Germanic lands were a class of people wholly dependent on the German ruling class in the East and thus they had to speak German.

Thus, Objective History tells another story than the one spun by Zionist historiographers. It tells us that the millions of Ashkenazim, the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe, are a mixture of Khazars and Slavs who were pushed westward by hostile forces and not German Jews moving east.

Until very recently, until c.1967, discussion on the true origins of Jews and their language was not considered aThought Crime. For instance, Isaac Baer Levinsohn (1788-1860), ”the Mendelssohn of Russia,” who was a persuasive writer of Yiddish wrote in 1828 that the ancient language of the Jews was not Yiddish. Even Ben-Zion Dinur, born Ben-Zion Dinaburg (1884-1973) a Zionist polemicist and the ”father of Israeli historiography,” was not hesitant about describing the Khazars as the forbears of the Jews in Eastern Europe, and describing Khazaria as”the mother of the diasporas” in Eastern Europe.

However, today in this world of Corrupt Liberal Democracies and Political Correctness it is. Anyone who dares talk about the Khazars as the ancestors of the Jews of Eastern Europe is not merely considered naive and moonstruck, but if they are Gentiles they are demonised as ”Anti-Semites” and if Jews, ”self-hating Jews.” Put differently, anyone who dares to promote the idea that the origin of Eastern Jews is Khazar is a threat to the cosy, but contrived, orthodox view of the History of the Modern Tribe of Jews. That such thoughts and beliefs are a devastating rebuttal to the false claims of this Modern Tribe to the ancient land of Judaea. That is, by undermining the”historic right” of ”the Jews” to the land in Palestine that was once the Holy Land. In short, it denies the revelation that the Modern Tribe of Jews are not originally from Judaea and the claim by it to the Holy Land is false and illegitimate.

Consequently, there is no historic, moral, legal, and especially, no divinely ordained premiss for the claim by the Modern Tribe of Jews to land in Palestine that was once the Holy Land. Moreover, among this people there is a very, very deep fear (justifiably so) that doubt will be cast on their right to exist in the Zionist State of Israel if their true identity and intentions are know. Hence, the creation by Zionist myth-makers of the Historical Myth of the Exile, the Wanderings and the Diaspora. These are the things, the notions, the romanticised history, the false history, which underpins and legitimises the entire Zionist Enterprise. That is, the basis for the existence of theZionist State of Israel is the mythological historical ”right” to “ancestral lands” lost because of the spite of the Roman Empire in AD 70.

In short: there is no such thing as a Jewish People in the sense of a distinct tribe whose ancestors walked in Judaea in the centuries surrounding Christ’s Mission on Earth. Rather, there is a Modern Tribe of Jewscomprised of people whose ancestors adopted Judaism (Pharisaism) as their religion of choice many centuries later who never lived or set foot in Judaea. And, most certainly, these Modern Jews are not lineal descendants of the Ancient Israelites.

More properly, the bulk of this Modern Tribe of Jews, especially those who possess the great power and wealth attributed to their tribe, are lineal descendants of the tribe who spoke Yiddish, the ”Yiddish People” that existed in Eastern Europe and Russia, which although not a nation per se can be seen as a Yiddishist Civilisation with a modern popular culture and modern nationalistic aspirations. Jewish nationalism is thus a modern phenomenon arising from this ”Yiddish People.” And the bulk of this Yiddish People were the descendants of the refugees fleeing from the decaying Kingdom of the Khazars.

All honest students of History cognisant with the facts must conclude that it is beyond doubt that the Modern Tribe of Jews is not the Biblical Israelites. That Western Jews are not Biblical Jews, are not Semitic, because the bulk of them are direct descendants of Khazars who converted to Judaism (Pharisaism). Moreover, that these Khazar Jews migrated westward into Poland and Germany and became the forebears of Eastern European Jewry – the Ashkenazi Jews. Consequently, that the ancestors of Eastern European Jewry the Ashkenazi Jews, came notfrom the Jordan but from the Volga; not from Canaan but from the Caucasus. Hence, honest students of History conclude the vast bulk of Eastern European ”Jews” are neither Israelites nor Semites but are instead a pot pourri of Khazars, Mongols, and Huns: that Khazar Jews, Eastern European Jewry – the Ashkenazi Jews - are genetically more related to the Hun, Uigur, and Magyar tribes, the seed of Japheth and Gomer, than they are to the Seed of Abraham.

Contrary to the best attempts of the Zionist myth-makers with their Historical Myth of the Exile, the Wanderings and the Diaspora, stands Objective History and the Truth. The reality that tells the tale of the true origins of the Modern Tribe of Jews. The reality that is empathic on the point that most Jews, past and present, are not of the Seed of Abraham and do not belong to the Tribe of Judah or, indeed, to any of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. A verity upon which theHoly Bible is unequivocal, which repeatedly records the point that most so-called Jews in the days of Christ’s Mission were not a Semitic people (Matt. 23:33-35; John 8:33-34; Rev. 2:9; 3:9). It repeatedly tells us that the majority of Judaeans in Christ’s Time were Idumeans (Edomites) who were of the Esau line, descendants of Edom, the eldest son of Isaac. The son who would have inherited the covenant Yahweh made with Abraham, the Abrahamic Covenant, inherited by Isaac; but who traded his birthright to his twin brother Jacob (Israel) for a mess of pottage. A rash, scornful decision soon regretted.

Thus, gentle reader, to understand the deeper meaning of current events, to understand where the rulers of this world are leading us, one must understand History. Not the contrived history of the Dark Rulers of this World: not thethe lies, distortions, half-truths and myths passed off by the Power Elite as the true historical record of this world. No gentle reader, not this False History. To truly understand the way of this world, one must look to Objective History and Truth. A great task indeed. But, to make this task easier there are some fundamental facts when grasped truly arm the seeker ofTruth against the pervasive and awesome force of the illusion prepared by the Dark Rulers of this World to blind us and lead us into gross error. And, some of these fundamental facts of supreme importance are these:

“The Jews"in the Bible are not the Tribe of Judah.

Jesus was not a ”Jew.”

Christianity did not arise out of Judaism/Pharisaism.

Western Christian Civilisation has no such thing called the "Judaeo-Christian heritage."

The description of the Jews as a wandering and self-isolating nation of exiles who wandered the world, reaching its furthermost limits then, finally, with the advent of Zionism, made a U-turn and returned en masse to their orphaned homeland is a Zionist Myth.

Zionist myth-makers created the Historical Myth of the Exile, the Wanderings and the Diaspora, which underpins and legitimises the entire Zionist Enterprise. That is, the basis for the existence of the Zionist State of Israel is the mythological historical ”right” to “ancestral lands” lost because of the spite of the Roman Empire in AD 135.

The ”Jewish People” as imagined by the Zionist Myth-makers never existed as a ”nation-race”with a common origin.

The main source of Spanish Jewry or Sephardi Jews were the North African Berbers and the main source of East European Jews or Ashkenazi Jews were the Khazars; both peoples although separated by time and space had converted to Judaism (Pharisaism). Hence, the Modern Tribe of Jews is a mongrel people comprised of indigenous tribes that converted to Judaism andbecame Jewish - and is not derived from communities exiled from Judaea.

The Modern Tribe of Jews now in the Holy Land and other places in the world are not direct descendants of the ancient people who inhabited the Kingdom of Judea during the First and Second Temple period. Their origins are in varied peoples that converted to Judaism during the course of history, in different parts of the Mediterranean Basin and the adjacent regions.

Zionist Myth-makers fabricated the modern myth of the ”Chosen People” returning to their”ancient kingdom” given to them by God. This is the Chosen-Race Doctrine, which is fundamental to Zionist historiography.

The Zionists invaders of Palestine,the Modern Tribe of Jews,are not the lineal descendants of the Ancient Israelites.And, ipso facto no Israelite blood flows through the veins of the vast majority of modern Jews. Hence, the reason why the Modern Tribe of Jews who claim the ancient Yahweh Covenants and who arein possession of the Holy Land because of this false claim are Counterfeit Jews.

The Zionist Myth can be reduced to this:

The Modern Tribe of Jews are the living representatives of Judah, patriarch of one of theTwelve Tribes of Israel that conquered Canaan in the 13th century BC. It did this because the God of theHebrew Bible had identified this land as the Promised Land, the Land of Israel, and that the only true possessors of it were to be His Chosen People. This Chosen People were the Israelites comprised of Twelve Tribes with the Tribe of Jews, the progeny of Judah, pre-eminent. The Tribe of Jews was pre-eminent - ”God’s Chosen People” -because Yahweh had deemed it the Crown of Creation. As ”God’s Chosen People,” and for their great sacrifices and sufferings in following Yahweh, it had been richly rewarded with a divinely-gifted privilege: an everlasting claim and possession of the title ”God’s Chosen People” and to the Land of Israel, the Holy Land.

The Tribe of Jews held Judah’s share of the conquered territory -the Land of Israel, the Holy Land-given to”God’s Chosen People” for seven centuries until deported by Nebuchadnezzar in 587 BC and held captive in Babylonian. However, the Tribe of Jews soon returned, within less than half a century, and held Judaea, once more, for the next 773 years, until it was evicted by the Romans in AD 135.

Although expelled and dispersed to all parts of the world the Tribe of Jews has never renounced its claim to the Promised Land, to the Land of Israel. In fact, it has been the greatest and most ardent desire of the Tribe of Jews, its greatest hope and belief, and its loudest proclamation that it shall get this land back again. It belongs to the Jews, it is the Land of Israel, it is the Promised Land, which Yahweh gave to them, as His”God’s Chosen People” long ago.

In 1918, after 1,883 years of aching exile and constant persecution, the Jews recovered a foothold in the ancient Land of Israel now called Palestine. Moreover, an empty, undeveloped and unproductive land that has been transformed by the Jews’ innate abilities, hard work and military valour into the modern,democratic State of Israel. It was a perfect solution to the perennial Jewish Problem: ”a land without a people for a people without a land.” Moreover, through bravery and military skill the Jews have inflicted numerous smashing defeats on the Arabs who have been trying to evict the Jews ever since their return.

The Tribe of Jews want to have a country of their own again, just like other peoples and its own ancestors. This is not an idle desire but an imperative. The Tribe of Jews need to have a country of its own, because, since the conversion of the Roman Empire to Christianity in the fourth century AD it has been persecuted by the Christian majority among whom it has been forced to live. The Jews have been persecuted remorselessly because they have been blamed wrongly for causing the death of the man Jesus of Nazareth who Christians insist upon calling the Messiah and God. This persecution has culminated in the unprecedented crime of genocide -the Holocaust- which has been committed against the Jews by a Christian people, the Germans. The Tribe of Jews is not going to suffer the crime of genocide again especially from the Arabs in its own Land of Israel. That is why Zionists and their supporters will never let Israel succumb to Arab aggression and will do everything in their power to preserve the democratic State of Israel in the stormy sea of Moslem Tyranny. Thus endeth the Zionist Myth.

The seeds of Zionism can be found in the words and deeds of the ancient sect called the Pharisees.


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